John Dawson

Managing Partner & Principal Consultant, Dawson McDonald Consulting

In 2008 the VMIA asked Dawson McDonald to devise an online assessment that would test organisational attitudes to the management of risk – or Risk Culture.  They have been running these assessments now for nine years to help private and public sector organisations improve their Risk Culture performance.

He and the co-owner of Dawson McDonald Consulting (DMC), Carmel McDonald, are two of only three people in Australia to achieve accreditation by the International Society for Performance Improvement as experts in the field of Performance Improvement.

He is the co-author of a book on performance improvement – BUILD Your Business: From Ordinary to Extraordinary, 5 Steps To High Performance

Earlier in his career John led a team of 50 providing risk management and loss control advice to insurers, public authorities, industry and commerce across Australia.

He has been a lecturer on aspects of risk management for the Australian Graduate School of Engineering Innovation and is a Past President of the Fire Protection Association Australia.

John has been elected a Life Fellow of the Australian & New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance and also of European Business and he is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

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