Bryan Whitefield

Director, Bryan Whitefield Consulting

Bryan is a specialist in risk-based decision making, strategic leadership and persuasive advising. His passion for these three disciplines has sprung out of his 30-year journey from chemical engineer, to risk consultant, to management consultant and trainer in influence and persuasion.

Bryan’s experience includes more than twenty years of facilitating executive and board risk and strategy workshops.  He has designed and implemented organisational frameworks to improve decision making for more than 100 organisations across the public, private and NFP sectors. Today he assists strategic leaders to make smarter decisions and develop smarter strategies to deliver their vision of the future and is spreading his persuasion strategy to an ever-growing audience of advisors.

Bryan is the author of DECIDE: How to Manage the Risk in Your Decision Making, published in November 2015 and was the RMIA President and Chairman of the Board from 2012 to 2015. He is licensed by the RMIA as a Certified Chief Risk Officer (CCRO).

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